Can I change the image logo in the header?

Yes, In admin panel we provide you a option to change the logo and you can easily upload your own image logo in our options panel, or set a text title instead of using an image.

What is the difference between “excerpt” and “content”?

Content: it will display the post’s content.
Excerpt: it will display the post’s excerpt. If the post’s excerpt is empty, it will trim the content at the default length and strips out the HTML code such as img tag, link, etc.

Can I change the footer text? Am I allowed to remove the copyright info at the bottom? If so, how?

Yes, you can remove/change the footer text by going to your WP Admin > Appearence > Customize > Scroll down to Footer Options. If you would like to leave it blank simply insert a space.

What about supports and updates ?

Support and Updates are available on free for one year of purchase. If the updates available, you can find the updates on your “My Account” Page. Updates notification will available on Admin Panel.

Can I use the themes on multiple sites(Domain)?

Yes, you can use our themes on unlimited number of site (domains).

Are all your themes responsive?

Majority of our themes are responsive.